Die Cast Machining - Overview

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Machining is a process being used in vast areas of product development. Product Development cycle includes all the steps to be done of machining. Machine is a tool which reduces the effort to be implemented on the process. Machining is known as the process of converting a raw material into a well designed product for a better use.

The overall procedure of Machining includes:

1.       Collection of Raw material of which the product is to be formed.
2.       Collected raw material is heated to a high temperature to change it into molten state.
3.       After the raw material been changed into molten metal it need to be solidified in a desired shape.
4.       The desired shape mold cavity is set up inside the die casting machine.
5.       Then this molten metal is flowed into the machine’s mold cavity to give a proper shape and size.
6.       This molten metal inside mold cavity is then solidified by cooling it.
7.       After cooling the molten metal is harden with great strength durability.
8.       New product formed is taken for final and finishing touches.

After passing all these process the product is ready to use

Die Casting Process

One of the main processes involved in product developmentcycle is Die Casting Manufacturer. Die casting is a process of passing molten metal in mold cavity and then solidifying it. It is quiet similar to Machining Process but there are differences too.

Die Casting is of many kinds depending on the material used size and shape in need and many other factors.

Main two types of Die Casting Process are Hot-chamber Die Casting and Cold chamber Die Casting.

Hot chamber Die Casting

In this process the molten metal is not directly inserted into mold cavity. Molten metal is first flowed into a cylindrical vessel, and then it is pushed into mold cavity to avoid distortion on the product. These days several die casting companies are using this technique for die casting products.

 Cold Chamber Die Casting

In this process of Cold Chamber Die Casting molten metal is simply flowed into the mold cavity, this process is quiet similar to hot-chamber die casting process. Many of the mold making and metal tooling companies are using this technique.

 Some of the other process apart from Hot-Chamber & Cold-Chamber Die Casting:

1.       Low Pressure Die Casting
2.       Vacuum Die Casting
3.       Squeeze  Die Casting
4.       Semi Solid Die Casting


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