Machining Process & Types

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Machining is the term generated by the word machine. Machine is a type of instrument which is meant for the ease of human being. Machine reduces the human efforts while implementing on a very hard work to do physically. Example lifting a heavy material is impossible with the help of your hands, but whereas it is much simple to do by help of a crane machine. Cranes are made to move very high metal bodies from one place to another. We can have an example of a small machine that is a screw driver which opens and tights a screw so easily that a human hand would do it in no manner. This reduces the effort as well as the time.

Machines do their job effectively as prototyping manufacturing. Doing this job of injection mold making by machine is only known as Machining. Several countries are working on the process of machining and generating new machine with the help of old machining. Bigger machines are used to produce small machines which can be easily be used by humans.

Prototyping Manufacturing Cycle

Manufacturing process include a long cycle of full completion of generated new product for use.
Product Development Cycle starts with:

1   Requirement Analysis

Firstly the requirements for the product are analyzed which gives an idea about the major uses of the product to be generated.  A report is being generated which includes the best results of the product to be generated. 

Requirements are to be made by customers which are going to use the product. Machine development should target the best and optimized solution or the result to be given out by the product to be generated.

2      Designing

Designing part includes the architecture of die casting parts or may be the precision making parts or nay other product to be designed for the appearance of the product that how it will look or to be handled by others for the better use and better result to be received. 

Design affects the working of the product and the result by it. Best designed product gives the right place of holding and operating the machine parts.

3       Machining

Now this includes the overall machining process meaning the real facts behind manufacturing the product and finishing it. Manufacturing of the product including all the processes are included are in this stage.

The processes included are as follows:

a.       Die Casting Manufacturing
c.       Custom Injection Molding

And more processes are to be followed to generate a product. These processes are included in converting raw material into a usable product.

4     Testing

Testing comes after machining of the product. Product generated is needed to be tested before delivering it to the customer. All the possible tests are to be done, for several outcomes and inputs.

5       Delivery

Delivery is the last part of cycle which includes simply delivering the generated products to the customer as per the requirement or bookings done.

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