Rapid Prototyping Service - Additive Manufacturing

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Rapid Prototyping Service

includes strategy of crafting a work-piece layer by layer known as AM (additive making, 3D printing). From the last fast years of decades several technologies have been emerged with their own strengths and even some weaknesses. We at Arte Tooling understand each rapid prototyping manufacturing technology to apply this specialized knowledge on your task resulting in optimal results as per the speedy prototyping supply.

The handling of Additive Manufacturing THREE DIMENSIONAL printing includes many treatment for go through. This starts with a credit card applicatoin of a thin layer of powder material on building platform. Then a powerful beam of laser combines the layered powder, exactly at the points as defined by the electronic design data. As the total process shall be proceeded in layers, next is lowering the platform and new layer of dust is applied. Again the fabric is hardly joined in order that it can bond tightly with previous powder layer at defined points. Components can be created using the stereo lithography, 3D printing photos or laser sintering for optimum rapid prototyping service.